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Code of Conduct
Students admitted to Chouhan College of Education must have to follow the rules and regulation to maintain discipline in the college premise.
According to Barkatullah University and NCTE norms students must have to attend 75% of all the theory classes (including optional subjects).
All the students have to join Educational tour which is the compulsory part of the training programme.
In case of any problem and want leave, permission is required from the principal for any kind of absence. Application should be made for leave in writing.
During the regular college timings, students are not allowed to undertake any other regular course or job. If they are found doing so action will be taken against the defaulter.
The college has a well maintained library. Every student is expected to make the best use of it and at the same time adhering all the rules and discipline of the library.
The students are expected to take proper care of the college property and maintain the premises neat and clean.
The conduct of the student in the class as well as in the premises of the college must be as such as it will cause no disturbance to the others.
No use of plastics or polithine bags. The premise of the college is free from the plastic zone.
The name of the students list may be removed from the rules if he/she will found absent continuously without any information to the authority. The readmission fee will be charged if readmission granted at all.
Students must have come in uniform regularly as specified by the college.